Wasp control

Wasps that are going in a void, crack or crevice and when you cannot see the nest, examples of this would be if wasps are going in a hole under the siding, a hole in  block foundations, a crack in the side of your house or into the overhang of the building or an opening into the attic space.These wasps usually treated with a residual dust pesticide that kills the nest and any returning wasps.   Wasp nests that are visible are treated with a residual pesticide and removed.  Arrow pest control will treat and when possible remove the nests and will guarantee they will be gone and won't rebuild the nest. 

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Three of the most common pest wasps in Minnesota are the Yellow Jacket, Baldfaced Hornet, and the Paper Wasp.  Wasps have a slender body with a narrow waist.  Wasps capture insects that they bring back to the nest and feed to their brood.  Wasps in late summer and fall will change their diet to carbs and sugars.  Some wasps become attracted to our outdoor activities when human food is present.  Yellow Jackets, Baldfaced Hornets, and Paper Wasps build paper nests made up of chewed wood fibers and saliva.  Yellow Jackets commonly make nests underground, in hollow trees, bushes, wall cavities, other voids in buildings and houses.  Baldfaced Hornets commonly builds nests in trees, bushes, on the side of walls usually under an overhang, or under a deck.  Paper Wasps usually build a nest in a protected area such as under a deck, in the hollow of an over hang, and under an overhang.  Paper Wasps crawl in cracks to get in the eaves, the attic space, sheds, walls, roof vents, etc.